10 mai 2011

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

I am a finance director at the reconstruction contract award committee.
At the instance of the fall of the old regime in cote d’Ivoire, the new government have decided to re-award many contracts that were been awarded to persons close to the old regime, in the mines and petroleum sectors and the construction of edifices in the political capital(Yamoussokro). And also to award new contracts in areas of reconstruction of infrastructures that were damaged during the crisis especially in Abidjan city.
 I have contacted you for 2 proposals.

1. You will put up a tender so I will use my contacts to get a contract awarded to you. You do not need any investment to execute the contracts. The initial mobilization fee that the government will give out will serve us to commence the execution of the contract, through already existing firms. We can also sub-let the contract to another firm that will execute the contract and we make profits.

 Out of these contracts, especially in the petroleum sector, there already exist over invoiced contract payments, which we want to send out outside the country. We need a foreigner to come and sign relevant documents of claim so the money will be disbursed to you as the contractor.

Indicate your interest and the proposal you want and I will give you details of how we will go about it. I will wait your message on my private email address  bambacou@yahoo.fr
Mr. Coulibaly Bamba.

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